The Farmers: Mark and Kelley Escobedo

Mark & Kelley EscobedoMark and Kelley moved to Wilson County in 2002 and started a locksmith business. In 2007 Mark changed the locks on a farmhouse located on 122 acres just outside Floresville. They loved the land and house and decided to lease the entire package.

With no farming background or experience, but a love of nature and animals, the Escobedo’s decided to invest in a few animals to make use of the beautiful land. They purchased a few chickens and a couple of hogs from a friend that raised show hogs.

Knowing nothing about raising hogs, let alone show hogs, they turned to the internet for research. They began researching hogs in general and reading various forums and informational sites and various books about hogs. They soon found out there was a lot to learn.

Heritage hogs seemed to be the direction they wanted to go. Because they were not guided by preconceived notions of farming experience or ancestry, they researched not only current farming practices but also those of the time when these heritage breeds were prominent. These heritage hogs were grown much slower and more open than in factory farms. They were utilized to help the soil and environment around them.

The Escobedo’s decided this is how they would raise their hogs. On open pastures using all that nature provided and allowing the hogs to contribute back to the land and environment. The result is a truly spectacular hog and truly spectacular pork.

Happy, healthy hogs produce exceptional pork.